About S and L Surplus

About Us

We purchase used and new Industrial Equipment. All types of Valves, Electrical Surplus and Electrical Motors, Centrifugal Pumps, Turbines, Instrumentation, Control Valves and Scrap Metal.

We buy entire Plants or Individual Units and remove equipment from service that we purchase. We purchase entire laydown areas or Boneyards and provide clean-up and removal.

We also buy from Demolition Contractors, Refineries, Pharmaceutical Companies, Paper and Steel Mills and Mining Companies. We purchase Parker and Swagelok Fittings.

We purchase new and used Industrial Equipment such as – All types of Fisher Valves, Rosemounts, Foxboros, Electric Motors, Pumps, Turbines, Instrumentation, Tube Fittings, Scrap Metal and Wire.

S and L Surplus also sells used remanufactured or refurbished industrial equipment and instruments. These devices control and measure temperature, pressure and flow in the refining of raw materials such as petroleum, chemicals, plastics, electricity, fertilizers, papers, foods and beverages.You may not realize it, but most everything you see around you was produced in a plant or refinery facilities and at some point, the production process was measured by such instruments.