Valve Buyer Irvine

For over 20 years, S & L Surplus has been buying and selling industrial valves in Irvine, California.

S & L Surplus are continuously looking to buy and sell used, old, and unused valves from Irvine companies. As qualified valve buyers, we are always looking for Surplus Valves such as Fischer Valves, Foxboro Valves, Valtek Valves, and more.


S & L Surplus pays upfront in cash for all valves, no matter the condition. But, we offer consignment agreements in some situations. If you have excess inventory of surplus valves laying around your place, let us inspect your equipment, and we will make the best offer available on the market.


We are known for delivering enticing offers and professionalism towards purchasing used valves in Irvine, California. All of our valve buyer personnel can be contacted immediately. They have been trained and have been selling in the industry for many years. They will travel to your place or building in Irvine to inspect all your used valves. Providing you a competitive price that you can’t refuse, so you can liquidate your assets and make more room for your place.


Contact STEVE at 713-822-0048 or email us at to ask for more information. We will answer all your questions and get back to you as soon as possible.

Valve buyers in Irvine

If you are searching for an up-to-date inventory for a multinational valve buyer in Irvine. If your old industrial valve is out of order or not working accordingly and then you have to replace it before it creates problems for you. At this, we are here with the solution. So short out us as a buyer of your old and used fisher valves. Our valve buyer company seeking used valves that can be reconditioned. If you think we don’t want that then think a bit more. As a surplus valve buyer in Irvine. We buy all types of valves which are no longer worth it for you. We also don’t demand any kind of reference.

Importance of valve buyers in Irvine

As international valve buyers in Irvine, we provide people with our services all long way to them. Our company priority is customer satisfaction. So we are committed to establishing a reliable connection with the clients. We purchase all the varieties of NEW and USED pipeline valves, such as door valves, the tube containing, relief valves, butterflies valves, forged steel valves, and more. We are the best valve buyers of industrial valves. if you have a thought that we don’t want your old and out-of-order surplus valve then just stop a second because valve buyers in Irvine love to buy your used valves.

Kind of Valves that we buy in Irvine

Our fisher valve buyers look for all types of valves in Irvine we are looking for the following types of valves.

  1. diaphragm valves
  2. check valves
  3. butterfly valves
  4. gate valves
  5. control valves
  6. global valves
  7. solenoid
  8. stainless steel valves
  9. alloys valves
  10. brass valves
  11. cast iron valves

Like to change installed valves

If you wish to replace the industrial valves, not a difficulty. we valve buyers in Irvine have an expert team consisting of so many people who have experience in their work. The crew members will visit you at your place and uninstalled your used valves with full safety without impairing your material. We like to get all kinds of valves no matter it is brand new or old. Size and specification also don’t matter. Also, we are the only valve buyer of surplus valves that offer high prices of your used and excess valves. At present time valve buyers in Irvine can provide you with the best you want. Join us to get the best service and sell all your used valves.

Best deals to sell your valves

At the time you connect with us to sell your excess fisher valves. Our valve buyers in Irvine will arrive at the location which you share with us. The team has a member who is an expert which going to inspect your valves and tell you the actual value of your surplus valves. Only our company pays you with the best money price that you can never expect. Once you agreed on a deal then they further proceed with work. We buy on-site most of the time and pay as always. Wired cash check, cash order, or bank as clients wish for their payment.

Why hire valve buyers in Irvine?

More or less from last ten years our company paying services to the people who wish to sell their industrial valves. As we buy all types of used valves you must consider valve buyers in Irvine at your first thought to sell the things.

 Transport favor

When we get an order of any type of surplus valves, we make our people inspect the material of your old used valves. We visit your place to get the material that you want to sell. If we are unable to visit so we also make deal with the pictures of valves that help us to know the details of the material.

Payment policy

Once you confirm the deal with our company we provide you with high-level deals. we ensure payment as client demands like check or cash

Contact us

You can connect with us through email and you can also contact us on our valve buyers in Irvine office numbers.

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