Valve Buyer Sacramento

For over 20 years, S & L Surplus has been buying and selling industrial valves.

Reputable among Sacramento, California as the best purchase and seller for used, old, new, and in high demand valves, S & L Surplus offers you the best prices for all your unused valves. Always looking for more industrial or surplus valves such as Fischer Valves, Foxboro Valves, Valtek Valves, and more.


For more than 20 years, we have developed a fast transaction process to transform your old valves to cash quickly. Our process is simple. We evaluate the quality of your equipment, no matter the condition and provide you with a great offer. All payments are paid upfront in cash or consignment agreements under certain conditions.


Get rid of all your old valves that are laying around your warehouse today. Well-known throughout Sacramento, our valve buyer dealers ensure you have the best buying experience. Well-trained and years of experience in the valve buying industry, our dealers travel to you. Providing the best deals after inspecting each valve.


Contact STEVE at 713-822-0048 or email us at to ask for more information. We will answer all your questions and get back to you as soon as possible.

Valve buyers in Sacramento

If you are glance for a modern inventory for foreign valve buyers in Sacramento. If your old industrial valve is out of order or not working accordingly and then you have to replace it before it creates problems for you. At this, we are here with the solution. As it is important to replace used valves from time to time. So short out us as a buyer of your old and used fisher valves. Our valve buyer company seeking excoriated valves that can be reconditioned. If you think we don’t want that then think a bit more. As surplus valve buyers in Sacramento, we buy all type of valves which are no longer worth for you.

Best certified valve buyers in Sacramento

As our company believes that success is related to the satisfaction of clients. So in Sacramento, we intend to make a strong reliable connection with the people who have valves to sell. We Valve buyers in Sacramento are ready to buy all sorts of new and old pipelines like ball valves, butterfly valves, plug valves, steel valves, and much more. Being experienced industrial valve buyers we demand all types of pipelines, especially fisher control valves. Give us the details if you want to get rid of your old fisher control valves.

Valves that we buy in Sacramento

Our surplus valve buyers look for all types of valves in Sacramento we are seeking for following types of valves.

  1. diaphragm valves
  2. check valves
  3. butterfly valves
  4. gate valves
  5. control valves
  6. global valves
  7. solenoid

Our services as valve buyers in Sacramento

Replace installed valves

If you want to replace or get rid of your old used valves, not an issue. Our valve buyers in Sacramento have a big team of the worker who will securely remove your old valves. We snap up all kinds of valves no matter it is brand new or old and used. Size and specification also don’t matter. Also, we are the most payable for your used and excess valves. At present time valve buyers in Sacramento can provide you with the best you want. Bind with us to get the best service and sell all your valves.

Ready to sell surplus valve service

Our valve buyers in Sacramento will provide you with our services at your location. Our crew worker will inspect and evaluate your used valves. If you are agreed to sell your things then our company will give you the plan of pick and payment. Our valve buyer gives payment way like check or cash as Clients demands.

Why prefer us valve buyers in Sacramento?

Almost for a decade our company providing clients with the best of their experience. Our knowledge in valve management gives you the best fair prices for your material.

Pick and drop services

When we get a listing of any kind of surplus valves, we sent our people to inspect the material of your old valves. We visit your place to get the material that you want to sell. If we are unable to visit so we also make deal with the pictures of valves that help us to know the details of the material. Our crew member will come to you and get the used valves.

Payment policy

Pay you with the money in which the deal of selling your valves is made with the valve buyers in Sacramento.

Contact us

If you have a fisher valve that is out of order and you want to remove it we can help you to get rid of it. Our valve buyers in Sacramento are always active in their offices. You can contact us at the time you decide to sell your old industrial valves.


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