Valve Buyer St. Petersburg

For over 20 years, S & L Surplus has been buying and selling industrial valves in St. Petersburg, Florida.

S & L Surplus purchases all types of valves that are unused in your company’s inventory including new valves, surplus valves, and reconditioned valves. Known throughout St. Petersburg, Florida we are looking not only at surplus brands such as Fischer Valves, Foxboro Valves, and Valtek Valves but other industry valves as well.


We are experts in converting all of your excess stock to cash, no matter the size or quality. Let us inspect and evaluate your valves. We will provide our best quote. All payments are paid onsite, on the same day and in cash.


S & L Surplus has the best valve buyers dealers in St. Petersburg, recognized for their expertise and fairness for all valve transactions. All our valve brokers travel to your location in St. Petersburg, Florida and inspect all your valves. Providing you with a reasonable offer, we liquidate all of your valve assets on site. You can also send us a detailed list of your surplus valve inventory. We will provide a fair quote for your valves. If our terms are accepted, we will arrange a pickup time and date.


Contact STEVE at 713-822-0048 or email us at to ask for more information. We will answer all your questions and get back to you as soon as possible.

Valve Buyers in St. Petersburg

We purchase and sell excess valves of every type and size as surplus valve buyers and dealers. We buy valves that are brand new, used, discontinued, or excess. We’re now looking for a fresh inventory of international valve buyers in St. Petersburg. We have a reputation for being trustworthy St. Petersburg valve purchasers.

For your new, used, discontinued, and excess valves, we provide the finest option. We use the liquidation technique and provide a variety of services to our customers, including cash on delivery, advance payment, and consignment agreements.

Valve Buyers in St. Petersburg You Can Trust

We’re always looking for fresh inventory, and as genuine valve buyers in St. Petersburg. We’re always looking for the greatest deals on your unwanted and excess valves. Allow us to test your surplus valves and present you with a profitable offer if your warehouse is overflowing with them and you need to get rid of them right now.

What Do We Buy?

We acquire all sorts of valves as reliable valve buyers in St. Petersburg the state of the valves does not matter to us, whether new or old because we rebuild and reuse them. We are here to assist you as valve buyers in St. Petersburg if you are looking for honest and trustworthy valve buyers who can help you get rid of unneeded valves.

If your warehouse has the following types of valves, please contact us and we will buy them.

Valve Types         Valve Manufacturer               


Material Types

·         Globe Valves

·         Control Valves

·         Pressure Relief Valves

·         Gate Valves

·         Pipeline Valves

·         Check Valves

·         Butterfly Valves

·         Diaphragm Valves

·         Electric

·         Solenoid

·         Pinch



·         Fisher Valves

·         Cameron Valves

·         Q Check Valves

·         Apollo Valves

·         Flow seal Valves

·         Rosemount

·         Centerline Valves

·         Power Seal Valves

·         Safety Seal Valves

·         General Twin Seal Valves

·         WKM Valves


·         Stainless Steel Valves

·         Cast Iron Valves

·         Steel Valves

·         Brass Valves

·         Titanium

·         Alloys



Do you still have your old valves in place?

Value Buyers in St. Petersburg has a skilled and knowledgeable valve control staff that can efficiently install valves. With our St. Petersburg valve buyers, you may obtain a good deal on your business valves. If you wish to expand your business and require a high-profit rate, please contact us and we will give you better options than others.

Selling Valves: A Step-by-Step Guide

Valve Buyers in St. Petersburg will help you sell your surplus valves in a few simple steps.

  1. Get in touch with us and let us know what you have in stock.
  2. We examine the valves in your stock.
  3. Finally, you are compensated.

Why Should You Buy Valve from Us in St. Petersburg?

  • We are well-known in St. Petersburg for our excellent reputation as valve purchasers.
  • You will be paid a commission before we load any valves.
  • All surplus valves sold to international valve buyers in St. Petersburg are paid on schedule.
  • We buy all kinds of new and old pipes.
  • We’ll also come up with a better business strategy to help you get the most out of your investment.
  • Our Valve Buyer professionals in St. Petersburg have worked diligently to help us in working together for mutual profit.



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